VOROTRANS.ORG website will be released in March, 2018

Hi Everyone,

VOROTRANS.ORG website is under construction and its release is now planned for March 2018.

VOROTRANS.ORG is the Vorotrans Art movement co-creation website.

VOROTRANS.ORG, will redistribute significant royalties to individuals, photographs and publishers involved in the digital images and videos from which Vorotrans Artworks are derived from.

For decades to come, VOROTRANS.ORG will secure a significant income for individuals involved in the digital images seeding artificial intelligence algorithms.

Vorotrans Art is in its infancy stage and in future Vorotrans Artworks it may not be possible for individuals, photographs and publishers to recognize their work.

But VOROTRANS.ORG will make it as part of its own mission statement to significantly compensate individuals, photographs and publishers (50%/50%).

VOROTRANS.ORG will encourage individuals, unknown to each other around our planet, to collaborate together as well as encourage individuals to respectfully communicate together no matter their culture, belief, race, sexual orientation and state of mind.

So, you will be able to join in March 2018 and on.

Stay tuned!


Stephane Poirier
Vorotrans Art movement Founder
phone: +1 (514) 500-1449

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