Welcome to BBA CEO Max-I-muS aka Maximus Petrus as a new VOROTRANS.ORG affiliate!

Max-I-muS aka Maximus Petrus is not only a Master of the Arts in Management & Behaviour as well as Managing Director & CEO at German-based Blank Booking Agency but he is also a highly talented Techno DJ and Music Producer. See his bio at http://blankbookingagency.com/max-i-mus/.

If you are a Techno Music love like me, you will fall in love with his superb track Max-I-muS @ FRANCE 2015 on https://www.mixcloud.com/maximus-petrus/max-i-mus-france-2015/. That is the first I have listen from him, really well made track that will bring you some other place. To mention only a few, here is another one I find so excellent, listen to Max-I-muS @ External Session https://www.mixcloud.com/maximus-petrus/max-i-mus-external-session/.

For more great techno music from Maximus, see his mixcloud.com account at https://www.mixcloud.com/maximus-petrus/, see his soundcloud.com account at https://soundcloud.com/che-ra.

Today, VOROTRANS.ORG is so happy to have Maximus as an affiliate.
Thanks Max and welcome!

To go to Maximus web sites:


This blog post was written while powered by Maximus Petrus mixcloud.com track Max-I-muS @ FRANCE 2015. See link here below.



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